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Bunk Beds

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Bunk beds are a durable and fun option to equip any room with more sleeping space. Northwoods Accents offers several different options and sizes when it comes to bunk beds. First, we stock and seel a variety of bunk beds manufactured by Best Craft Furniture. Best Craft offers bunk beds in a white cedar log frame or a more traditional dimensional type lumber framing. In the white cedar log frame you can buy twin over twin, twin over full, or even full over full. In the more traditional style you can buy twin over twin or twin over full.

When it comes to our custom beds which we build ourselves, your options are seemingly endless. If you can dream it up, and it is possible to make it out of wood that we can acquire, we can likely build it. We have built twin over twin, twin over full, as well as full over full. We could build queen over queen if you wanted, or pretty much any combination you wanted, even using king size. Typically we work with northern white cedar logs which we offer in a German peel style which is peeled using manual labor and a draw knife, as well as natural peel. Natural peeled logs are white cedar logs that we stack out behind the shop for a year before manually peeling the bark using our hands. Then we scrub and power wash the logs and bring them inside to dry for a few months. From there we trim some of the broken limbs, grind the rough areas, and sand the logs to an appearance that we find suitable. Typically we leave some of the brown inner bark and try to feature knots and other imperfections in the logs. from there we start building your custom bunk bed!