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Decor & Accents

Décor and accents provide the final touches to your up north home or cabin. Northwoods Accents offers decorative items from manufacturers as well as custom, one of a kind items created by local people right here in the area.

Made in America manufacturers include Coast Lamps, a family owned lighting manufacturer located in North Carolina. American Dakota, an accent rug manufacturer located in Georgia. Denali, a throw and bedding manufacturer based in Janesville WI which does manufacturing in Janesville as well as in North Carolina. And last but not least, Ironwood Industries, a family owned metal art manufacturer based in Utah.

Local artisans provide unique, one of a kind items for our store. Rose King does pyrography (wood burning), and our store is full of her special items. Rose also does a lot of burning on our custom furniture, giving it an added flair. Natalie Watland is an artist from Tomahawk and she does all of our wildlife painting. She visits our store once a month or so and paints her magical wildlife scenes on our custom coffee tables.  If time allows she also will paint a wooden wall hanging or two that we have around the store.

A retired gentleman from Rhinelander makes wonderful little jewelry boxes out of beaver chewed logs and other types of driftwood. A gentleman from the Ironwood area turns bowls for us and we generally have a dozen or so on display. All of these things would add a splendid up north look to your home or cabin.

I get antler items from a man who comes to town once a year from Indiana in an old van. He brings me antler products, including antler cribbage boards and Amish made baskets with antler handles. He also brings beautiful moose antler fireplace sets, and if I am lucky he will have one or two unbelievable moose antler carvings done by Dee Jorgenson. The carved antlers are something that has to be seen to be believed.