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Dining Room

We build many custom log and rustic style dining room sets as they are a very popular item for us. From small 2 person breakfast nook type sets with 2 chairs, to large 8 foot tables with 6 or 8 custom log chairs. Feel free to stop in with an idea or photo of something you find attractive. I often recommend that people do a few searches on Google Images. Just type in log dining table, or rustic dining table. From there you can try adding different words. Each time you change words you will get different images. Consequently this can give you many ideas and make it much easier to picture what you would like your final product to look like. As a result, it helps me tremendously in designing your furniture.

Having an idea of the size of the space you have to work with is helpful.  Knowing how you will be using the set and how many people will be using it is also important. Typically, we build our tables with white cedar, harvested locally in the U. P. of Michigan. On occasion we will do a white pine, slab type table with live edge too. We have even built tables using wood from a customers property.

The vast majority of dining chairs that we build are made of white cedar logs with white cedar seats. As a result, we have a standard style that we build and have been successful with. Of course many customers like to try something a little different. Sometimes adding swivel seats, or using a ladder style for the back rest.

Something that is becoming increasingly popular is the bar height dining table. Similar to a pub table, at 42″ tall, it gives a different look and feel to your dining area. Many people find it easier to get on and off of a 30″ high stool, versus a 19″ high standard dining chair. Something to think about.