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Living Room

At Northwoods Accents we build custom accent furniture for your living room. Mainly working with white pine, white cedar, cedar logs, or reclaimed lumber. We design and build coffee tables, end tables, armoires, desks, log chairs, and other custom pieces. We can provide custom wood burning or painting to bring an extra flair to the piece. We can also provide any number of custom finishes on your product. From a simple satin poly to a custom stain color. Even a “bar top”, epoxy resin finish for the ultimate in protection. Northwoods Accents will do everything possible to help design, build, finish, and deliver a high quality, beautiful piece of furniture to your home or cabin. Of course it wouldn’t be very comfortable sitting on a wood coffee table, no matter how beautiful it is. To solve that problem we sell high quality furniture manufactured by Best Craft Furniture , just a few hours down the road in Kaukauna, WI.

Best Craft Furniture provides custom order upholstery. Originated in 1990 Best Craft was started with 6 employees, beginning with a high quality, but medium price point in mind. Today, Best Craft employs over 70 people and continues to build furniture the old fashioned way.

Best Craft is a “bench made” product in the tradition of early furniture craftsmen. Bench made simply means that all components come together at one spot in the plant and become the responsibility of one individual to produce the final product. A final inspection is done, and the furniture is delivered by their own trucks. From there it is delivered to your door by Northwoods Accents employees.  Further ensuring that the product arrives to your door in excellent condition.

We combine our custom, handcrafted wood furniture with Best Craft’s high quality, custom built furniture.  By doing so we provide you with a living room full of beautiful, comfortable, high quality furniture.