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Log outdoor furniture is what started Northwoods Accents. When I moved to Mercer I was mainly a handyman guy. In my spare time I started making outdoor log furniture. People seemed to like it, and consequently I started building and selling more and more each year. All of our outdoor furniture is built using white cedar or red cedar. Both species naturally resist insects and decay due to weather. That is why you always see cedar used for fence posts, telephone poles, and other outdoor uses. Cedar accepts stain very well, but left unfinished it will turn a beautiful grey that is very desirable to many people.

We build several “standard” outdoor products which have been used, abused, tested, and enjoyed over many years by many customers. Therefore I am terribly confident not only in the design, but the longevity of our products.  We offer our standard log chairs and a small outdoor table. We also build another unit that we call a beer bench (two chairs with a table built in the center) and a standard 5 foot swing.  We have been building many custom kayak racks in recent years too.

We build our log frames using mortise and tenon construction, which is ridiculously strong and will last for decades.  We screw all of our seat slats and backs. Every piece is screwed using triple coated deck screws which will not rust or stain the furniture over time.  Screws also do not loosen over time like nails tend to do. For non mortise and tenon joints that require more strength we use either 5/16th galvanized lag bolts or a product called a Spax screw. We put a lot of pride and craftsmanship into our outdoor furniture and consequently it is built to last for 20 years.

Of course we build custom items for the outdoors too. We can build many styles of picnic tables, fire pit benches, swings, rocking chairs, etc. Stop in with an idea, a photo, or a sketch and we will design and build what you need.